Ministers Match webinar

Effective January 1, 2024, an improved matching benefit structure (Match) from Nazarene Benefits USA (NBUSA) will replace the Annual Pension Supplement (APS) for active, eligible participants in the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan (Plan). Watch the latest presentation.

2:52 What it Takes to Retire Well
5:14 Retirement Readiness Problem
6:22 Moral Obligation of the Church
7:32 How NBUSA Fund Receipts Are Used
9:23 2022 APS Program review
11:09 Social Security
13:39 Fixing the Problem
14:45 Eligibility for the New 403(b) Match (same as APS)
16:23 New 403(b) Match Requirements
20:03 How it Works
24:44 Affordable Example
30:43 New Match vs APS
34:41 Student Loan Payments & the new 403(b) matching benefits example
38:53 Additional Information for Match
41:58 FTM Allocation Changes
44:22 What's Your Plan?
46:47 Don't Wait...The Cost is High
49:19 Help is Available
52:58 Questions