Pensions and Benefits USA Workshops & Resources 30th General Assembly


Thanks for visiting the Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) booth at General Assembly. For convenience, and to avoid the environmental impact of printed materials, we have prepared electronic resources to accompany the workshops presented at GA, including our GA Special Open Enrollment for group term life insurance. If you have questions, contact us at 888-888-4656 or

P&B & Partners — Workshops at General Assembly
Your P&B USA Benefits— Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) provides free life and disability insurance coverage, and adds Annual Payment Supplements (APS) to the retirement accounts of eligible ministers. This workshop explains what is required to enjoy these valuable benefits.
Open Enrollment for Life Insurance & Your Nazarene Insurance Benefits— The Hartford & P&B staff share about the free levels of life and disability insurance available to Nazarene ministers, as well as supplemental insurance for purchase. Also learn how to apply for life and disability insurance without a medical exam during Open Enrollment, June 1-23.
Get a Handle on Your Current Student Loan Debt— Fidelity Investments shares student loan repayment options. Learn how to use Fidelity’s student debt resources and tools to evaluate your current loan situation and determine steps for tackling your student debt.
Get Started and Save for the Future You— Fidelity Investments outlined key investing concepts, common investment types, how to select a mix of investments that align with your goals, and the benefits of investing in the 403(b) plan.
Health Insurance Resources— Although P&B does not offer health insurance, we have friends in the industry who do. This workshop features information on GuideStone Financial Services, and health insurance coverage they make available to Nazarene churches. You’ll also learn how to use the free service from Fidelity Investments to assist in the selection of Medicare Advantage supplemental insurance plans.
Learn the Basics of When and How to Claim Social Security— Fidelity Investments shares what to expect in the transition to Social Security. Learn about additional costs you can expect in retirement, and considerations for when to begin receiving your Social Security Benefits.
Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings— Fidelity Investments explained hot to assess your spending and take control of your budget. Also discussed was borrowing from your Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan account and ways in which Fidelity can assist you.
Managing My Money— Fidelity Investments identifies the three core components of a sound budget. Learn how to build (or rebuild) your emergency savings fund and prioritize your debt.
Manage Unexpected Events— Fidelity Investments shared how to take control of your budget and understand your financial options after an unforeseen event.
Navigating Market Volatility— Fidelity Investments offers insight on handling the ups and downs of the markets. Learn how to pull money out of the market, the effects of moving to cash, and why it’s important to consider saving more into your Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan.
Organize, Plan, and Own Your Future— Fidelity Investments explores what financial wellness means for women. Learn the principles of budgeting and saving, how to design an investing plan to meet your specific goals, and how defining an investing personality can help you to achieve savings goals.
Planning Ministerial Compensation— Ministers have a unique tax status and are able to use advantages such as housing allowance and an accountable reimbursement plan for expenses to save money. This workshop offered advice on how to structure your compensation to make the most of your church income.
Other Popular Resources
PB Access— PB Access gives an overview of your current insurance and retirement benefits as a Nazarene minister or church employee. It also allows you to view your service and credential records maintained by the General Secretary. If you have not yet registered for PB Access, phone us at 888-888-4656 for assistance.
403(b) Forms— Here you’ll find a variety of forms affecting your 403(b) retirement account. These include Beneficiary Designation, Contribution Agreement, Minimum Required Distribution calculator form, and more. (También disponible en Español.)
Annual Report— This report describes how we use the giving of churches and districts to the P&B Fund.
Newsletters— Our electronic and print newsletters feature columns on ministerial finance, technology, spiritual formation, health, and church history, as well as news affecting clergy and church finances. The print version is mailed quarterly to active and retired ministers. Sign up for the electronic version at this link.
P&B Noticias en Español— Nuestro boletín electrónico ya está disponible en español.
District Benefits Received Report— Contributions to the Pensions and Benefits Fund are used to provide a broad range of services to both active and retired ministers. Use this resource to find how much was contributed by churches and returned to ministers on your district in the past year.