District Benefits Received Report

2023 District Benefits Received Reports

Contributions to the NBUSA Fund are used to provide a broad range of services to both active and retired ministers. The index below provides reports for districts located within the United States, that received a benefit. Reports are generated annually and posted prior to district assemblies.

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Report Definitions
Supplemental Pension Payments – Supplemental payments (a defined benefit) to qualifying ministers from the Basic Pension Plan (BPP), which is part of the Single Defined Benefit Plan (SDBP). The BPP is funded by contributions from the NBUSA Fund.
APS Base, Bonus, and Matching Contributions to 403(b) – Annual Pension Supplement (APS) amounts contributed by the NBUSA Fund to individual accounts of qualifying ministers who participate in the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan.
APS Earnings in 403(b) Distributions – Estimate of the portion of distributions received from the 403(b) plan that represent investment earnings on the APS contributions made to the plan from the NBUSA Fund.
Survivor Benefit Premiums – Premiums paid from the NBUSA Fund for base level life insurance coverage for eligible ministers.
Pastors Disability Insurance Premiums – Premiums paid from the NBUSA Fund for base level disability insurance coverage for eligible ministers.
Benevolence Benefits – Direct financial assistance from the NBUSA Fund to pastors in need, or their families in need. Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance, Temporary Monthly Disability, and Funeral Assistance.
Support from District – Total NBUSA Funds collected from the district, as reported in the Annual Pastor's Report.
Support from NBUSA Net Assets – NBUSA - provided benefits to district participants above the level of support from district.
Support for NBUSA Net Assets – Amount of NBUSA Funds collected from the district above the amount of total benefits received by district.
Total Benefits Received by District – Total of all benefits paid to participants within the district.