Making Your 403(b) Retirement Account More Secure with MyVoice®

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2022 news 1Fidelity Investments, the record-keeper for the Nazarene 403(b) Retirement Plan, now provides a stronger level of secure communication with Fidelity MyVoice®. When you phone Fidelity, MyVoice detects and verifies your voiceprint in the first few moments of a call, assuring them you are who you say you are and protecting your account from fraudulent activity. The voiceprint is a combination of physical and behavioral voice patterns which are unique to you and cannot be duplicated or used elsewhere, according to Fidelity. Also, it can be used with all Fidelity accounts.

Now that MyVoice is available, it’s a good idea to contact Fidelity to take advantage of this advanced security measure. Do this by phoning 1-800-343-3548. Say “Account Access” at the prompt, tell the associate you’re interested in setting up MyVoice, then all you have to do is speak and Fidelity will create a unique voiceprint for you.